General Cambodian Cultural Information

Below are some important Cambodian cultural information:

  • Recommendations on Frail Aged
  • Characteristics of Khmer in General
  • Cambodian Family
  • Khmer Food
  • Cambodian Cultural Windows
  • Funeral
  • Cambodian Aged Care Presentation

    Recommendations on Frail Aged: Recommendations from the Khmer Needs Analysis for frail aged, younger people with disability and their carers, for further information please download attached file >> Recommendations Table

    Characteristics of Khmer in General: Character is considered to be more important than physical appearance and descriptions of a person are more likely to be given in terms of his character. Ideally a person should be respectful to older people, friendly, adaptable, honest, not proud, well-educated and not flirtatious. Woman is expected to be more reserved than a man, gentle and graceful in her movements read more.. or download attached file >>Characteristics of Khmer in General

    Cambodian Family: Like many other Asian cultures, Cambodian people are highly family oriented. While most Asian cultures adopt the extended family system that consists of 2 or 3 generations residing in one household, the Cambodian family can be extended or nuclear. This is a contrast to some other Asian cultures. In Cambodia the nuclear family with relatives living nearby is the primary reference and basis for the household composition (Seanglim, 1991). Read More... or download attached file >> Cambodian Family

  • Khmer Food: NOODLE DISHES- Although noodle dishes maintain a unique Khmer variation, some elements of noodle dishes were influenced by Chinese and Vietnamese cooking. Rice and noodles are the main components of Cambodian diet. People eat rice and fish every day in Cambodia. Almost every meal includes a bowl of rice. In Australia, rice and fish are also popular. Bread is only for breakfast. People like steam rice, fried rice, or rice noodles. Sticky rice is used more in desserts with fruits like durian. Read more.. or download attached file >> Khmer Food

    Cambodian Cultural Windows: Official Language; Khmer, other languages spoken - Vietnamese, Northern Khmer, Thai, French. RELIGIOUS BELIEFS; THERAVADA BUDDHISM, the Cambodian older people like to participate in religious festivals. These include Pchum Ben, an event which happens in September. Cambodian Buddhists make offerings and pay tribute to their deceased ancestors. They prepare food and offer it to the monks at the temples. Read more.. or download attached file >> Cambodian Cultural Windows

    Funeral- Many Cambodians are Buddhists who do not view death as the end of one's life but rather as the end of a life cycle. It is a passage from one stage of the cycle to the next. In Buddhism, there is belief that all life/being evolves in a successive cycle of birth, sickness, old age, death and rebirth/reincarnation. Read more... or download attached file >> Funeral

    Presentation at the Aged Care Forum June 2009, presented by Mira Chau- The Cambodian community has settled in Australia for 30 years, it is a community consisting of refugees, humanitarian entrants and skilled migrants. During that time Cambodian Australian Welfare Council was formed and the organisation has done what we could to help the Cambodian community to settle in NSW. Read more... or download attached file >> Forum June 2009