About Us

The Cambodian-Australian Welfare Council of NSW INC is a non profitable organsation. it was established in 1983 by workers working with Khmer clients. It is a network of Khmer and other workers interested in Khmer issues which meets monthly to liaise, discuss and plan.

In 1996, the Khmer Interagency, as it was then called, became Khmer Interagency Incorporated and set up management structures.

In 1997, funding for a Level 3 worker was received from the then Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs under its Community Services Settlement Scheme.

In 1999, further funding was received from DIMIA for a CSSS worker. In September, the name of the organisation was changed to the Cambodian-Australian Welfare Council of NSW Inc. (CAWC). Early in 2002, additional funding was received from various sources. There are now five funded positions with CAWC.


  • To promote the benefit of the Khmer residents in Australia without discrimination by gender or political, social, religious or other                 opinions.
  • To promote general community projects of a welfare and social nature with the object of improving the conditions of life for all Khmer      presidents.
  • To develop and maintain a better understanding between Khmer and other communities by organising meetings, seminars and                 workshops.
  • To pro-actively promote harmony through respect for differences between people, in order to reduce racism and discrimination both           within the Khmer community and in the wider Australian community.
  • To provide Khmer workers, and those who provide services to Khmer people and people with interest in Khmer affairs, information             sharing and consultative forums for issues affecting Khmer people.
  • To represent the interest and views of the members of the organisation to government and other organisations.
  • To preserve and promulgate Khmer values and culture.